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The official language of the congress will be Macedonian and English.

Deadline for submitting abstracts - 20.07.2022

Guideline for preparing and submitting an abstract

All abstracts must be submitted online through the appropriate application bellow, before the registration deadline (abstracts sent by fax or mail will not be accepted)

The abstract should be written in Macedonian or English.

An author can submit a maximum of two papers as the first author, and abstracts should be submitted separately..

Each abstract will be considered, classified, accepted or rejected by the Scientific Board of Congress.

The Scientific Board reserves the right to decide on the type of presentation of the accepted abstract - oral presentation or electronic poster.

The decision of the Scientific Board is final. One of the authors of the accepted abstract should present it if it is accepted for oral presentation.

All abstracts will be published in the Book of abstracts. Grammatical errors should be checked before submitting the abstract. All abstracts will be printed identically as they will be received.

The author who will present the paper must be registered to participate in the Congress with a paid registration fee.

Before submitting the abstract in the application you have to choose the topic and form of presentation (oral presentation/electronic poster), as well as the option with physical presence or on line presentation.


Select the appropriate type of abstract

Original and professional paper: The abstract contains Introduction, purpose, material and methods, results and conclusion, and the authors of the paper present data from their own research or projects.

Review paper: The abstract contains Introduction, purpose, elaboration and conclusion.

It is an original and detailed presentation of a certain research problem or area in which the author has a certain experience and contribution (refers mainly to abstracts from invited lecturers)

Case report: The abstract contains Introduction, purpose, case report, short discussion and conclusion.

Preparation of the text

  • The abstract must be written in Macedonian or English
  • The abstract must be written according to the instructions of the Organizer
  • Language - Macedonian / English, single spacing, Arial (Times New Roman) font, size 12, double-sided margin
  • Maximum number of words 300
  • An abstract application form can be found bellow on this page

Structure of the abstract

  • Abstract title - capitalized and bold, maximum number of words up to 20
  • Names of authors - surname and first letter of the name (eg. Petkovski M), the name of the presenting author in bold, the institutions to be listed according to the order of the authors. If there are different institutions, to be numbered according to the order of writing of the authors.
  • The text of the abstract should be written in small letters, to avoid abbreviations, especially in the title. If necessary, first cite the whole text, and in parentheses the abbreviation -e.g. diabetic macular edema (DME)


Oral presentation

  • Duration - 7 min-10 min..
  • Invited lecturers - 14 min
  • Language of presentation - Macedonian or English
  • The presentation should be made in Microsoft Power Point version 2010 or 2013
  • The presentation should be submitted to the organizer at least 4 hours before the session or, for the morning session, the day before
  • If the presentation mentions the names of pharmaceutical companies or drugs, the author is obliged to declare a conflict of interest on the first slide
  • If the lecturer presents the presentation from his own computer, or shows a video in the presentation, he is obliged to announce it in advance to the organizer in order to provide appropriate technical equipment.
  • The organizer and the Scientific Board do not bear any responsibility regarding the content, accuracy and originality of the submitted paper and presentation, ie possible plagiarism of the paper

            Guideline and propositions for preparing an electronic poster

The papers presented in the form of an electronic poster are presented by the leading author in a duration of 3-4 minutes and should contain up to 10 slides with the following content:

Title of the paper, authors and institutions

Material and Methods



Language of presentation - Macedonian or English


Form of presentation - electronic

Presentation length - 4 min / 10 slides

On the first slide in the lower left corner, provide the contact phone and email address of the author presenting the poster


The same rules apply to everything else as to oral presentation.

Abstract submission


First Name

Last Name

License number *

Institution *

Institution address *

Residential address *
Street Address

Street Address 2


State / Province

Postal / Zip Code


Phone *

E-mail *


Title of abstract *


Conflict of interest *

Yes No

Topics *

Diseases of cornea




Refractive surgery


Ocular trauma

Pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus


Type of presentation *

oral presentation (7-10 min)

rapid fire presentation (3 min) - electronic poster

Presentation method *

on site (face-to-face)

on line presentation

Upload abstract *
(word document)